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Hello, and welcome to Lollydot!  I’m so glad you found me.  My name is JaNae, and I am the stay-at-home mommy of three beautiful kids and wife to one fantastic man.  I originate from a small town in central Utah where I learned the hometown joys of gardening, cooking, baking, and home-making from my incredible mother.  This website is a place for me to file my ideas away in an organized fashion.  I hope you may find it useful as well.  Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy!

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  • Martha Dobler


    Hi JaNae, thank you for sharing the sacrament program invites. I am in a bind, I had a draft for my invites, then my computer crashed and I am starting over and having compatiblity problems with my laptop/printer, plus I am using the wordpad that has no text box features to easily insert our ward info on the graphic.
    Mountain View Ward
    Sunday, October 18th 11:00am
    If you could include that in the image and email in a .jpeg format, that would be so wonderful – thank you!


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