How to Use Freezer Paper as a Stencil

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Freezer Paper Stencil I have recently discovered the joys of using freezer paper as a stencil for fabric.  Now that I have my Sizzix Eclips cutting machine, stenciling is a breeze!

My husband oversees a youth group, and they had planned a group date night to make homemade pizzas.  They thought it would be fun to have matching aprons with the night’s theme printed on.  I pulled out my freezer paper, cutter, and paint, and I had these knocked out in no time!

Step 1: Cut your design out of the freezer paper.  You can use an electronic cutter or simply cut it by hand with scissors or a razor blade.  Be sure to trace your design on the non-shiny side of the freezer paper.  Plug in your iron and turn it to a warm, non-steam setting.
How to Stencil with Freezer Paper 1

Step 2: Place your stencil, shiny side down, onto your fabric.  Carefully run your iron over the stencil.  I find it helpful to hold it down for a few seconds in each place rather than to iron back and forth – this way your stencil doesn’t move around as you’re getting it tacked down.  As you iron over the stencil, the freezer paper should adhere to the fabric.How to Stencil with Freezer Paper 2

How to Stencil with Freezer Paper 3

Step 3: Using a stippling brush or foam brush, lightly dab paint onto your stencil.  Allow the paint to dry then gently pull your stencil off the fabric.How to Stencil with Freezer Paper 4

Viola!  You’re done!  I love how ironing down the stencil returns a sharp design with clean lines and no bleeding of paint!  I have used this method many times, like on St. Patrick’s Day morning when my daughter didn’t have a single green thing to wear, and we stenciled a green shamrock onto a plain white shirt.  It took us 10 minutes, and she was ready to go.  Here’s to the many uses of freezer paper!Freezer Paper Stenciling

Primary Music Racing

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This was a super fun end of the month activity for Primary Music, especially for those boys!  I brought in my son’s giant bucketful of toy cars and had each class take turns picking a car to race down our speedway.  The child whose car won the race got to pick their favorite song for us to sing.

I love letting the kids pick their favorite songs.  I was so impressed to see what they chose.  It was a reminder to me that their favorites are the ones that really speak to them spiritually and touch their hearts.  Primary music is so powerful.

Race Track with Stool

I made my speedway by taping cardboard boxes together, making sure to place the tape on both sides for added security.  I then covered the cardboard with a black poster board, and threw on a start and finish line and some flames for fun.

Race Track Back

I taped a couple long dowels on the back of the board for added support, and propped it up on a fold-able step-stool which worked perfectly for all the kids to stand behind with their cars.  My speedway was wide enough since our primary doesn’t have super large classes, but if your class sizes are larger than 6 or so kids, it might work best to split the class up, or make a wider race track.  Either way, the kids really enjoyed this, and my son has gotten several hours of bonus playtime with it at home!


You’re a Real Gem Valentine Printable

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Real Gem Valentine 2

So I know Valentine’s Day is just a couple days away, but we just finished my daughter’s Valentines, and I had to share because they turned out so cute and came together quickly.  So, in the small chance that you may need a last minute idea, here you go. I spotted these eraser rings at Target in the Valentine section (Target has THE cutest things).  They were in a bundle and only cost $3 for 24 rings.  I picked up some small 3×4 clear bags from Hobby Lobby, created a label, and we were good to go. Click here for the printable.  Print the labels, cut them out, and fold them in half.  Stuff an eraser ring (you could even use Ring Pops, costume jewelry rings…) into a bag.  Fold the bag over two times and staple the label over the top.

Real Gem Valentine Front and Back

Write the names on the back and you’re ready to roll.

Real Gem Valentine

My daughter is super excited to pass these out on Friday!

Real Gem Valentine 3

Necktie Baby Shower Bunting

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Necktie Bunting

Last weekend some friends and I celebrated the arrival of a sweet new baby boy. A small shower was held in the little man’s honor, and I was asked to make this cute bunting for the occasion. I love buntings because not only are they super showy, but they are so so so simple especially with the help of my Sizzix Eclips. I found this cute tie shape from, cut it out on my machine, and was ready to go.

I always use my sewing machine to put any bunting together because it’s quick and simple, and it makes it so whatever shape you are stringing together stays put and doesn’t slide around. I use clear thread and adjust my sewing machine on a wide zig-zag setting. For this bunting I used baker’s twine, but you can use yarn, jute…any sort of string. Simply line the twine or string along the top of your shape, and zig-zag stitch across the top of it. When you get to the end of your shape, place the next one in line and repeat.

Sewing Bunting

Here’s a close up of how the stitching will look.

Bunting Stitches Close-Up

Aren’t they cute?!

Necktie Bunting 2

How to Make a Paper Cone for Gift Wrapping

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Valentine Craft

I saw the idea for these paper cones for gift wrapping a few years ago on Cake Journal and fell in love with them.  They are so cute and pretty basic to put together.  You can fill them with any small candy or treats.  I stuffed mine with a Valentine variety of white chocolate popcorn – so yummy!  Fun to make and they come together quickly once you’ve gathered your materials.  Use them this Valentine’s Day or adapt the colors and embellishments for any occasion.

Craft Materials

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • cardstock
  • cone template found here
  • tissue paper cut into 8 x 20 inch rectangle
  • embellishment (optional)
  • ribbon
  • glue stick
  • stapler

Step 1: Trace the cone template onto your cardstock and cut out the cone.  Glue the long egde of your tissue paper on the rounded edge of the cone, folding little pleats into the tissue paper as you work.  This will be the inside of your cone, so if your tissue paper has two sides make sure the wrong side is facing you as your glue the paper onto the cone.


Step 2: Adhere glue to one of the straight edges and fold cone together.  It works well to use your fingers to mold the tip of the cone as you secure the paper to the glue.  Use the stapler to fasten the cone together.  In the photo you’ll see I have only one staple, but later I added a second staple near the middle of the cone for extra stability.

Valentine Craft

Step 3:  Glue the embellishment onto the front of your cone and fill it with goodies.  I used a disposable piping bag to put my popcorn in which fit beautifully into the paper cone.  If you’re using wrapped candies you probably won’t need an additional bag.

Valentine Craft

Step 4: Finish the cone off by tying the tissue paper up with a bow.  Simple cuteness, right!?  Enjoy!

Valentine Craft

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